Squash Coaching

“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential… these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”


Martin Shippey coaches at various locations in central London.
Registered England Squash Level 3 Coach and accordingly holds the required CRB, Child Protection, First Aid and Insurance documentation.

He is an experienced club and team player, having played in the Cambridgeshire and Middlesex county leagues,  and has been coaching since March 2010.

Adult single or group sessions can be arranged.

Martin Shippey Squash Coach at Britannia Leisure, Hackney

From beginner to club and county league level, students are taught:

  • Correct grip
  • Racket preparation and swing path
  • Correct swing technique
  • Serve and return
  • Movement to the ball
  • Movement off the ball and recovery to the ‘T’
  • Taking the ball off the back wall
  • Fitness, strength and movement training
  • Practice drills
  • Game play and tactics

Players are also taught in detail the various shots (straight and cross-court drops, volleys, lobs, defensive and attacking boasts), and the correct time to play them, the serve and return of serve and the rules of squash, including ‘Let’ and ‘Stroke’ situations.

Players are given a written summary of initial sessions covering the teaching points, technique and suggested drills and routines to practice.

Coaching Fees

(updated 4 January 2022)

One to one sessions:
40 or 45 minute sessions* – £32 per session plus court fee
* At Britannia the session slots are for 60 minutes, accordingly the cost is proportionally increased to £38 per session plus court fee. Alternatively you can opt for a 45 minute session.
Court fees vary according to centre and time, usually around £12.
Group sessions: Two people £22 each, three people £20 each, four people £17 each (plus court fee).

Juniors (up to 16yrs): £25 per solo session, £10 per player for group sessions.

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