Finsbury Leisure Club Night Leaving Party

A leaving party was held for Lester Cantem at the White Lion, Central Street, on Friday 13th February.

Lester has been coaching for many years (even he can’t remember how many, but it must be at least five) at Finsbury Leisure Centre and has built up a large core of regular players at both the Friday evening session and the Saturday morning Ladies’ session – assisted  by fellow coaches Martin, Chand and Ashish.

Lester was presented with an architectural book on Great London Homes, which was signed by all present, a leaving card bearing ‘selfies’ of many of his regular pupils, who all made the ‘L’ sign (for Lester) while being photographed, and an engraved trophy thanking him for his outstanding squash coaching services and the incredible energy which he has put into juniors and adult squash coaching.

All those present enjoyed pizza provided by the White Lion along with the drinks generously provided by Lester himself.

Finally, Philomena, landlady at the White Lion, presented Lester with an iced cake bearing a gold squash ball  and a glittering star. Lester thanked everyone with a short speech in response, which included an appeal to get squash into the Olympics!

Lester will be with us for another month or so, but his fellow coaches and pupils have given him a very special evening which we hope he will remember them by.

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